Frank: I thought my friend used my card but i got to know it is still intact after checking lol Kath: i purchased my card from the store and i have not been able to check if its fully activated or not. Reply: i had same issue yesterday but I got it activated after uploading a picture of the front and back of the the card Queen: Pls, It keeps taking me back to the homepage after I click pay, what’s the issue? Reply: Kindly note that your weak network connection might cause this, kindly check your connection and try again and if problem persists, kindly get in touch Queen: okay, thanks so much I got my card already after getting a strong network Bright: Whoa! Thanks for this, got my card instantly less than 15mins after purchased! Customer Service: Thanks for your patronage. Williams: I had a little delay but I still got it in time. Thanks Peter: Very easy and fast to use , got my card instantly after purchased

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